Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Welcome to Bulgaria Properties & Lifestyle Blog

Welcome to our Properties in Bulgaria for sale and Lifestyle in Bulgaria Blog.

Bulgaria provides an incredible eclectic mix of properties, including traditional Bulgarian houses including charming rustic Bulgarian village houses, town houses in Bulgaria with renaissance style architecture to ultra modern bulgarian properties with every modern amenity.

The calm high street in Veliko Tirnavo
Many people have purchased homes to retire in Bulgaria and as holiday homes. With the low cost of living and weather (which can be incredible) many British, Dutch, German, Russian, Romanian and Scandinavian investors have invested in this country and specifically in the region of Veliko Tirnovo

As part of the European Union, Bulgaria is now easier to move to either for permanent or temporary living and also you can benefit from services here if you are an EU national.

So come to the country where you can ski in the morning and walk on the beach later in the afternoon, with such diverse landscape and culture, there is nothing quite like it anywhere else in Europe!

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