Sunday, 13 April 2014

Game of Thrones in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

The throne comes to the world of Veliko Tarnovos, where summers and winters can last for year upon year and the thirst for supreme power, represented by the Iron Throne is eternal.
thrones in Bulgaria
The Iron Throne in Veliko Tarnovo

All Men Must Die, "Valar Morghulis". The struggle for the throne continues more fierce and mysterious words Valar Morgulis and a mystical black eyed raven are among the symbols of the Spring season in Veliko Tarnovo.
tsaravets game of thrones castle
Brave people from all over the land of Bulgaria wait to sit in the mystical throne

According to legend, the this Iron Throne is made from the swords of the enemies who have surrendered. 59 days were needed to allow the thousands of swords to become a throne. Blades and serrated edges point in any direction and daunt anyone standing in front of him, beware!
game of thrones veliko tarnovo
Blades and serrated edges point in any direction and daunt anyone standing in front of him, beware!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

International Festival of Tourist Films 2014, Veliko Tarnovo European Capital of Culture 2019, region candidate

International Festival of Tourist Films "On the east coast of Europe." 

For the tenth consecutive year Veliko Tarnovo hosts International Festival of Tourist Films "On the east coast of Europe."

European capital of culture 2019
The beautiful historical old capital of Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo

Since 2005 the festival has developed as the only dedicated forum for tourism products in Bulgaria, which provides an excellent backdrop for film companies, developers and teams of film producers and art directors with leading representatives of the tourism industry and investors. Film Festival is part of the international exhibition "Cultural Tourism", which this year will take place from the 10th until 13th April.

For this year's festival 77 films were nominated and after pre-selection 63 productions from 23 countries were selected. "The festival will welcome nearly 50 Bulgarian and foreign dignitaries for its anniversary including official visits of heads of the biggest tourist film festivals in Cannes and Berlin, globally recognised film producers, representatives of embassies and foreign missions in Bulgaria, representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Energy, National Film Centre and associations of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel agencies", said festival director Mary Karagyozova. The best films in the world in the last two years for travelers and destinations will be shown in three consecutive days of festival screenings. These will be presented with several productions that will take viewers back to the recent past of Bulgaria.

The group "Movie Memories", to be shown in the club "Melon" consists of two documentaries on cultural and tourist themes from the 1970s and 80s. After the screenings there will be open forums with the filmmakers.

In the group "Cinema and the City" is a particular screening of the comedy "ancient coins" from 1965, showing the Black Sea at the time, and "The Island" by Kamen Kalev. The film is about an island "St. Anastasia ".

bulgarian culture film festival c
10th to 13th of April

The group "Special movie collection" will be shown in the club "Hedgehog" particularly for fans of documentaries on art and culture.

All screenings at this years festival are free. There will be a special prize for attendees to win - a 6-day trip for two to the island of Santorini in Greece and will be a lucky draw.
European capital of culture 2019
Santorini Greece
Original Bulgarian article by Zdravka Maslyankov, Yantra Dnes live