Sunday, 23 March 2014

Veliko Tarnovo 3D Mapping Light Show

On March 22nd 2014 there was a cacophony of sound, light, music and explosive fireworks to a visual backdrop of lasers in the old Medieval city of Veliko Tarnovo shortlisted 2019 contender for the European capital of Culture.
Bulgarian news veliko tarnovo 3d mapping
a cacophony of explosive fireworks brings the holiday to a close

 The 22nd march is Veliko Tarnovo day when the day starts with motorbike owners celebrating the 1st day of Spring along with the likes of Veliko Tarnovo's very own OBMC.
bulgaria veliko tarnovo news
the Veliko Tarnovo "Old Bastards" Motorbike Club celebrate the 1st day of their season on the 22nd March
Veliko Tarnovo day is associated with the glorious victory of Ivan Assen the second over the ruler of Epirus (an area partly now in Greece and Southern Albania), Theodore Komnenos at the Battle of Klokotnitsa March 22, 1230.
veliko tarnovo 3d mapping

Also the day of the Holy Forty Martyrs is also associated with this day.The forty martyrs were Roman soldiers who had confessed that they were Christians and were condemned by the Roman prefect of this region in Lesser Armenia, to be stripped naked on a frozen lake near the town of Sebaste on a freezing night, so they would freeze to death.

veliko turnovo 3d mapping show
the vivid green and white and red lasers scatter across the buildings and properties on the River Yantra gorge  steep rocky banks
Nowadays the day is one big celebration in Veliko Tarnovo which gets more and more popular each year.

mapping veliko tarnovo in 3D Bulgaria
end of the day!