Saturday, 30 June 2012

First Marketplace in Veliko Tarnovo, Tulip Foundation

First Marketplace in Veliko Tarnovo, 30 May 2012 The first marketplace in Veliko Tarnovo took place on 30 May 2012 in the Ritual Hall of Veliko Tarnovo municipality. The aim of the marketplace was to meet the needs and interests of local civil organizations and local business. As usual there was one and only rule at the marketplace – money is taboo and is not discussed.

Snejana Daneva, Deputy Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality and Maria Petkova, Director of Tulip Foundation, greeted the participants and announced the start of the marketplace with the traditional gong. As a result of active conversations, meetings and contacts among participants - representatives of 10 civil organizations and local business a total of 38 deals have been signed that if financially calculated they would exceed 20 000 BGN.

The company, who left the event with a highest number of deals, was Intelekti - 7 deals with different civil organizations. Maria Center, Gorna Oriahovitsa and Center for community support at SOS Children's Villages were the organizations that signed highest number of deals from the civil sector. Click on the image to view it larger. The marketplace was organized by Tulip Foundation with the support of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality, Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe and Interamerican Insurance Company. All participants contributed to the successful marketplace realization by organizing the event following the main marketplace principles – everyone to participate with something concrete. Tulip Foundation thanks all civil and business organizations that participated in the marketplace, Veliko Tarnovo municipality and all volunteers – Stanislav Dobrev – notary of the marketplace; Violeta Belcheva – marketplace broker; Martin Kojuharov – photograph; AIESEC Veliko Tarnovo; all team of Interamerican Insurance Company Veliko Tarnovo that were marketplace ambassadors and active participants in it; young volunteers from Maria Center, Gorna Oriahovitsa and OKSAB, Gorna Orqhovitsa. At the end of the marketplace representatives of business, civic organizations and municipality shared their satisfaction of the results and declare that they want the marketplace to become a traditional event in their town.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bulgaria house traditional architecture, Veliko Tarnovo region

This wonderful Bulgaria house is in the quaint village of Pushevo – a small, well-developed village very close to the Bulgaria’s Renaissance capital Veliko Tarnovo. Pushevo is located on the right bank of the Yantra, in a peaceful area, ideal for fishing and camping.
Bulgaria property
stunningly beautiful property

This traditional house in Bulgaria is in excellent condition, fully furnished and is ready for you to move in. The two-floor Bulgarian house has a living area of 139 sq m. The first floor features a kitchen, two bedrooms and three storage rooms, one of which is suitable for building a bathroom. An external staircase leads to the second floor, where you can find a large traditional wooden terrace offering terrific panoramic views, a corridor, three bedrooms, a utility room, a living room and a bathroom. 
Bulgaria property
lush green garden

Unlike some Bulgarian houses, this home in Bulgaria has a spacious veranda – an ideal place for relaxation and recreation. There is a summer outbuilding where you can enjoy the sun during the day and have friends and family over in the evening.
Bulgaria property
Just light a bbq and lay the table for a feast with your friends

Like so many houses in Bulgaria, this Bulgaria home for sale in Bulgaria offers a large garden (1500 sq m), which is surrounded by a massive stone wall. The garden is well-maintained. There are fruit trees, a water well and other stone outbuildings, which you can alter according to your needs. 

The village of Pushevo is famous for its cactus forest, which attracts many tourists to the area. 

Bulgarian property for sale
This spacious house Bulgaria is head and shoulders up there amongst Bulgarian homes located in such an interesting village and is definitely not to be missed!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

buy to let property in Bulgaria, apartment Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo apartment property for sale
Veliko Tarnovo apartment for sale
Apartment Bulgaria  1 bed, top floor, balcony and amazing views over the beautiful Veliko Tarnovo in a modernblock, lift and security system for lift. Super location in Veliko Turnovo near amenities, shops and with a good sized SE facing balcony with views towards the fortress, Tsaravets, ready to move into.

Real Estate Bulgaria-Bulgaria Property-Bulgarian Properties-Properties in Bulgaria-Veliko Tarnovo.
"Balcony, Beers, Burgers, Bbq" 

The Bulgarian property has one good sized bedroom, shower room, hallway and compact kitchen diner leading out onto a good sized balcony, perfect for beers, wine and bbq’s. Furnished and all it needs is a lick of paint and new laminated floor in the kitchen diner area.

Bulgarian property for sale

This Bulgarian Real Estate will shift quickly!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

UK will see Bulgaria's resting place of St John the baptist tonight on TV

Bulgarian Black Sea St John the Baptist burial ground
St Ivan Island, Bulgaria,
final resting place for St John the Baptist
On Thursday last week a team of scholars from Oxford university announced they have provided scientific evidence to support the extraordinary claim that the authentic mortal remains of St. John the Baptist have been discovered in a monastery built in the 5th century, here in Bulgaria. The findings are to be presented in a documentary to be aired on The National Geographic channel in Britain today, Sunday 17th June. The remains - small fragments of a skull, bones from a jaw and an arm, and a tooth - were discovered embedded in an altar in the ruins of the ancient monastery, on the St. Ivan island in the Black Sea. But after the find two years ago was met with universal scepticism Oxford University archaeologists undertook carbon dating tests. The research team dated the right-handed knuckle bone to the first century AD, when John is believed to have lived until his beheading ordered by king Herod. Scientists from the University of Copenhagen analysed the DNA of the bones, finding they came from a single individual, probably a man, from a family in the modern-day Middle East, where John would have lived.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Veliko Tarnovo, pagans and vampires

A skeleton has been unearthed showing clear evidence of a pagan ritual performed on corpses to prevent the dead turning into a vampires!
Mystical night in Veliko Tarnovo, where are the vampires?
The age hasn't yet been clearly identified but certainly it is many centuries old. The location was in an old monastery courtyard in the Bulgarian town of Veliko Tarnovo very close to the River Yantra and just below the old Tsaravetz Fortress.
Nikolay Ovcharov (Archaeologist) was quoted as saying "The skeleton was tied to the ground with four iron clamps, while burning ambers were placed on top of his grave,"  He added "This man is not a vampire but was subjected to this pagan superstition-driven ritual to prevent him from becoming one after his death." The man was in his 30's and his girlfriend was younger as you can see above ! Come to Veliko Turnovo and spend some chilling nights here!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Indulge in Bulgaria property luxury in Veliko Tarnovo

Bulgarian Real estate for sale
"Stunning Real Estate in Bulgaria so close to Veliko Tarnovo "
Bulgarian properties for sale
"Luxuriously appointed kitchen" 
Bulgarian Real estate for sale
"Sumptuous bedrooms with warm honey oak floors" 

Property Bulgaria for sale
"two storey height living and dining area with fireplace and solar blinds"
All the rooms in this beautiful luxurious Bulgaria home are light and airy thanks to the large number of windows and French doors. The heart of the home is a 2 storey height large family living room overlooked by a contemporary minstrel gallery, warmed by a great log fire and a dining area adjacent right next to the well appointed kitchen with built in grill, hood, 6 burner hob, oven, dishwasher and other white goods. Adjacent to this living area is an exclusive reception/lounge area based upon an hexagonal design so all windows and French doors have an amazing open view and a huge log burner which fires up the heating as well. The kitchen opens out into a very comfortable outdoor area, totalling over 1,300sqm, equipped with BBQ and comfortable chairs where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Veliko Tarnovo house for sale
"coffee time on the terrace" 

When it just gets too hot whilst enjoying the views of the relaxing hilly landscape take an occasional dip in the 8x4 metre swimming pool to cool down and not forgetting to take a shower in the well appointed shower room next to the pool.
Veliko Tarnovo house for sale
"beautiful open air secluded pool in all day sunshine!" 
The pool has been harmoniously built into the natural environment next to the adjacent lawns and beautiful rose beds.  
Bulgarian properties for sale
 "pamper yourself in one of the luxurious bathrooms" 
There are too many features to list in this property such as 2 luxury bathrooms, 2 hand crafted fireplaces, solar panels and views galore.
Bulgarian properties for sale
 "large covered terraces to relax on out of the mid-day sun"

Bulgarian property for saleThe village of Belyakovets attracts quality Bulgarian real estate investments and is established as one of the preferred Bulgarian property locations for permanent living and holidays for visitors and Bulgarians alike. This luxurious Bulgaria property is unlike any other Bulgarian properties currently being marketed in this area around Veliko Tarnovo. This house in Bulgaria is in an exceptionally good location, so close to Veliko Turnovo and has been designed and built for the 21st century to make every area of it a pleasure to live in. This 260m2 Bulgaria Real Estate, is characterised by its architectural elements that are based upon local vernacular traditions, such as the embrasures (narrow window openings in thick walls) inspired by the local stone ancient barns or the arches that surround the windows, the warm honey coloured oak wooden flooring and the amazing light oak hand carved in Tryavna, ceiling rose. All 4 bedrooms are equipped with modern day comforts, each with its own panoramic view of the hills and the distant Stara Planina mountains, a truly amazing backdrop to the stage of Bulgaria situated right on this property's doorstep.        

You could move into this luxurious property straight away since the highest quality furnishings remain and don't forget that it is literally a 5 minute drive to the heart of Veliko Tarnovo!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Huge Ammo dump explosion in Bulgaria resembles a volcano!

Huge cloud resembling a volcano! photo source BNR

This afternoon Tuesday 5th June 2012 a private ammunition depot exploded close to Sliven in Bulgaria. The company that owned the site, Bereta Trading announced that the site contains "no dangerous substances"
Sadly the incident has resulted in injuring at least 7 people, two of them critically according to the last report.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Rockfest in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria shakes property

A few photos of a 1 hour walk with my chum, Jake the Shepherd and some amazing machines and sights in Veliko Tarnovo! As the Harleys, Hondas, Yamahas to name but only a few roared up, Bulgarian Real Estate shook right down to their foundations, yes this was the Rockfest weekend quake!

Veliko Tarnovo rock fest
Petrol head
Veliko Tarnovo honda
What force? Plenty on Hadji Dimitar Street
The centre of Europe? You'd think so
with the amount of bikes in Veliko Tarnovo this weekend!
OH boy........class
Veliko Tarnovo Old Bastards
Real class!
Veliko Tarnovo Harley
Outside the City Pub in Veliko Tarnovo, home of "The Old Bastards" bike club!
Love is in the romantic Veliko Tarnovo air! Get the number plate!
Thirsty work all this walking about looking at bikes in Veliko Tarnovo
Now how do I get my leg over this monster? \
A line of bikes on Hadji Dimitar  street 
Now this one is class and I can see myself in the reflection!
Can I get a dog guard to fit  in the back?

Jeremy Clarkson, not seen in Veliko Tarnovo this weekend, shame.
Maybe next year!!

Who is Jeremy Clarkson? Jeremy has often been described as 'the most influential man in motoring journalism', mainly by himself. Estimates suggest that he is slightly over nine feet tall, owns 14,000 pairs of jeans and has destroyed almost 4.2 million tyres in his lifetime. He is best known for possessing a right foot apparently consisting of some sort of lead-based substance, for creating some of the most tortured similes ever committed to television, and for leaving the world's longest pauses between two parts... of the same sentence. He has never taken public transport.