Friday, 13 January 2012

Bulgaria, its official, obesity is not a problem....unlike the UK! Bulgarian houses have the greenest, healthiest gardens!

The European Health Interview survey shows the UK to be have the highest rate of obesity in Europe (23 per cent) and Malta (22.9 per cent) just behind, followed by Hungary.

"Women in Bulgaria are amongst the lowest in the European obesity rankings!"

Its not all bad news though, The Central Eastern region of Europe has some of the lowest rates of obesity with Bulgarian women (11.3 per cent) and men (11.6 per cent) having the smallest prevalence after Romania (8 and 7 per cent respectively).

"Green home-growing in a typical Bulgarian country home!"

Therefore it a proven fact that moving to Bulgaria and choosing one of the many houses for sale in Veliko Tirnovo can assist enormously in supporting your quest for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

"Organic farming with traditional ploughing techniques"

Most Bulgarian country houses have at least a garden plot of 500m2 allowing you to grow healthy foods organically. To see a selection of these properties look at this selection of houses for sale in Bulgaria, here in the garden of Bulgaria, you will be very surprised at the value you get for your money.

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