Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Invest in a House in Veliko Tarnovo, like me...since Bulgaria commended by Moodys!

Bulgaria commended by Moody's
The leva, amazing how much Bulgarian house you can buy for so little!
Moody’s (the international rating agency) have commended Bulgaria over its coherent fiscal orderliness.

“Despite a large slippage in the 2009 budget position during the global and domestic recession, the Bulgarian government has since reverted to a tight fiscal policy stance, implying a measurable improvement in creditworthiness that in July 2011 led to the only sovereign rating upgrade in the European Union since the global crisis began in 2007,” according to a report of analysts Kristin Lindow and Renzo Merino in Moody’s Weekly Credit Outlook.
So yet again there is more evidence that suggests that investing in a House in Bulgaria is a good move! Either to come and live permanently or just to have a villa in Bulgaria as a holiday home here, you will get maximum value, just look below, a Luxury Bulgarian House for 115,000 Euros!
Bulgaria estate

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