Friday, 13 January 2012

Bulgarian Wine history from the back garden of a home in Bulgaria! Part 2

Bulgarian wine has developed and gone through various stages of popularity. In the late 1920's the temperance movement even made inroads in Bulgaria, to the extent that the newspaper "Pure Wine's" 1st publication on June 1st 1929 aimed at winning over the support of the average fun loving wine drinking Bulgarian for the winemakers and tavern-keepers of Bulgaria.

In the 1st edition the newspaper warned "Wine producers and vine-growers, the danger is close! There is persistent talk in influential circles about introducing the prohibition in Bulgaria too. Some MP's and public figures are already campaigning for this harmful idea.......Be on the alert and ready for battle!"

"talk of battle over a glass in the tavern!"

Needless to say that the evidence of large commercial vineyards down to the small 0.5 decare vineyard in a typical country Bulgarian property, suggests that the temperance movements 'life was very short lived in Bulgaria and the Tavern Keepers "call to battle", prevailed.

Mehanas in your Bulgarian Home, are great places to eat, drink and be merry! 

Again many Traditional Bulgarian Homes still have mehanas (or taverns) in the cellars which are immensly popular with Bulgarian Property buyers, due to their stonework and huge solid oak beams and columns, I have an amusing image of foreigners lovingly restoring their mehanas with whispering ghosts of wine consuming customers and tavern keepers discussing war tactics against the "temperance heratics"!

So mind how you go next time you pop down to that cellar under your house in Bulgaria and think that the cold breeze and whispers was just too much wine, rakiya and imagination!

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