Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Permanent Residency after Long Term Residency

It just struck me that I have been here in Bulgaria more than 7 years and will be applicable for permanent residence status since after 5 years of Long term residence without interruption, a Non Bulgarian National can apply for permanent residency. Therefore whether searching for a property in Bulgaria, or if you own or reside in a Bulgarian house it is good to know that one day you will be entitled to the status of permanent resident, rather than a long term resident! It sounds so much better and I may put a wooden plaque on my outside door just to let everyone know that I have served my long term sentence and am now a permanent resident, here in lovely down-town Veliko Tirnovo!

This will allow me as a foreigner(British at that!) to legally reside in Bulgaria without any time limitations, oh how the tide has changed, and why does the UK think it is so almighty to not adopt similar measures?

However it is important to note that if you work internationally on a long term contract, in order to maintain permanent residency status, you must not be absent from Bulgaria or the EU for more than 12 months in a row.
What can I look forward to in another 5 years? Ah......citizenship!

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