Saturday, 26 May 2012

Bulgaria is a hot-spot for house and property investment and BPO

The 3D sound and light show first shown in early Spring 2012
here in the Yantra gorge, Veliko Tarnovo

Bulgaria is presently one of the top European home investment hot-spots. A recent survey and report by the British Post Office independently confirmed this. Bulgaria is a remarkable country having a diversified terrain and a diversified workforce who are especially IT literate and highly multilingual.

Veliko Tarnovo
The Veliko Tarnovo Region attributes are;

Town houses, flats and apartments. Veliko Tarnovo town is without doubt an area ready for further growth. Quality real estate in Veliko Tarnovo is currently about 25% to 45% cheaper than other European historical towns. Costs are around 400 to 650 Euros per sq. metre. The town offers a good investment opportunity, with steady rental demand expected from the university and organizations relocating to Bulgaria and Veliko Tarnovo. Corporate lettings should give consistent assured rental with minimal risk especially since the expansion and development of BPO companies and contact centres. Prices range from around 25-35,000 for a 1 bedroom apartment to 65,000 euros for a large 2 bedroom and rare 3 bedroom apartments for under 100,000 euros. for a town centre apartment with fantastic views and amenities expect to pay upwards of 65,000 Euros. Houses with a small garden range between 50,000 Euros to 200,000 Euros dependent upon size, garden and location.

Rural investments. The countryside seriously does provide the least expensive real estate. Bulgaria is a magnificent and stunning country with so much diversity especially in the Veliko Tarnovo region. It is approximately the same area as the UK but with a population 8,000,000! The infrastructure consequently can be inflicted by storms and snow, especially in real isolated locations nevertheless completely detached Bulgarian properties a couple decares of land are easy to come by for less than 10,000 euros, all be it they generally need some modernisation!

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In conclusion even for investors with the tightest of budgets below 10,000 euros, a viable and livable property is often purchased with water and electricity and a telephone line and for those seeking to develop a portfolio of properties and land, all the areas of North Central Bulgaria give wonderful affordable options with good potential for future gains in the coming years.
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So whether you or your company are considering Bulgaria to either invest in property or consider saving expenses by nearshoring/offshoring in Bulgaria, your back office activities, don't hesitate to contact me.

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