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60,000+ tourists visited Bulgarian properties in Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanassi in August 2011

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The museum of the Bulgarian Revival and Constituent Assembly, the Archaeological museum and the Sarafkina’s House – museum are three of the most visited Bulgarian Properties in Veliko Tarnovo.  

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Monument of the Asen Dynasty

The municipality tourism agency “Tsarevgrad Tarnov” reported that in August close to 62,000 tourists visited the museums in Veliko Turnovo and Arbanassi, Central Northern Bulgaria.

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Statistically 9,381 are secondary school students 3,685 school children, 3,677 university students, and 23,090 foreign visitors. from the start of 2011 visitors to the museum properties in Veliko Tarnovo were 155,172. The top site in terms of numbers who visited in the month of August 2011 was the Tsarevets architectural reserve. From among the foreign tourists, that visited Tsarevets more than 10,500 came from European countries, close to 4600 - from Russia, 1 173 from France, 1 142 from Romania and 734 from the visitors were from Asia.

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Tsaravets fortress
bulgaria property
battlements of Tsaravets fortress

property veliko tarnovo
Museum of the Bulgarian Revival and the Constituent assembly 
Archaelogical museum
Sarafkina's House
Inside Sarafkina's House
In August 2011 1,422 tourists visited the middle age churches in Veliko Tarnovo. Some of the most visited places in the old capital are the museum of the Bulgarian Revival and Constituent Assembly, the Archaeological museum and the Sarafkina’s House.

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Arbanasi Nativity church
property veliko tarnovo
Inside the church
The most visited place in Arbanassi in August 2011 was the church of the Nativity, viewed by 5,879 tourists, from which 5,265 were foreigner tourists. 4,321 visited The Konstantsalieva’s house and 625 – the church of Ss. Archangels Michael and Gabriel. However, only 380 tourists visited the archaeological reserve "Nicopolis ad Istrum"

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