Monday, 13 January 2014

Tsarevets Castle, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria....don't knock it until you've tried it!

Just for 6 Bulgarian levs per adult an enjoyable afternoon can be had at Tsarevets Fortress and park in Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria.This fortified location dating back from Medieval times is a spectacular place to visit. Great time to walk and photograph this spectacular location is on a dry, Sunny day in Winter, when there are virtually no tourists around!

So I did just that as you can see below, it paid results! The walk culminated in arriving home in General Gurko Street, which I will photograph real soon!

Fortress Tsaravets
Blood red skies over Tsaravets Fortress
UKIP in Bulgaria
Fortified walls of Veliko Tarnovo can be walked upon at your own risk! 
I wouldn't advise it if you suffer from vertigo 

Foreboding Medieval Castle in the old Capital of Bulgaria

The Citadel and the moon

UKIP and Bulgaria the bells
Looking through the bells
down to Veliko Tarnovo

violence Sunny Beach UK
Cross bow with spear!

Bulgaria UK
The Citadel Tower at Tsarevets,
looking over Elena Balkan

Citadel Architecture

The old wooden drawbridge gatehouse at
Tsarevets and onwards to the
"old town" of Veliko Tarnovo

Royal property Bulgaria
Mystical views in Tsarevets Park

The Yantra Valley around Tsaravets Fortress

Beautiful misty Veliko Turnovo

So if you support UKIP, ignore what Nigel Farage was saying and come and see for yourself why you should emigrate here, not the other way round !


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