Sunday, 18 August 2013

Charles Dickens character Uriah Heep hits Veliko Tarnovo in the shape of a memorable world class rock band!

Moto Rock Fest 2013

Day 3 of the Veliko Tarnovo Grand Moto Rock Fest International gig next to the Monuments of the Asen also had a charitable mission - with all funds collected, from specially made T-shirts and donation boxes at the entrances, to support the treatment of a young 9 year old boy, Radoslav Borisov.
Radoslav, suffering from muscular dystrophy and whose parents are unemployed, needs 40 thousand Levs worth of treatment at a clinic in Israel.
moto rock fest veliko tarnovo
The event was organised by the MC Old Bastards

Organisers of the Moto Rock Fest, Moto Club "Old Bastards", supported by the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo - which is candidate for European capital of Culture 2019, got the loud support of Uriah Heep band members who said "they support the candidature of Veliko Tarnovo for European Capital of Culture for 2019 and one day will return here".

In fact at the start of the two-hour concert attended by over 3000 fans and bikers from across Europe next to the spectaculaer monument Asenevtsi, Bernie Shaw said, "this is a great place for concerts, just amazing,  incredible!"  after singing the 1st song hearing the acoustics of the almost natural amphitheatre of the River Yantra Gorge!
veliko tarnovo uriah heep
Bernie Shaw was amazed by
Veliko Tarnovo!

In the novel by Charles Dickens, Uriah Heep is not a person; he's an evil machine comparable to a sloth like version of the Terminator, hell bent on destructing everyone who has it better than him! How many characters from Victorian novels have lived on to inspire late 20th-century heavy metal bands?

Trust me after briefly being priviledged to meet John Lawton (Guest vocals), Phil Lanzon (keyboards, moogs etc:-), Mick Box (Guitar) and Russell Gilbrook (drums) these gyuys are far from being like the character of Charles Dickens!
veliko turnovo uriah heep
Uriah Heep, last seen in 1978 at the old Mancheter Apollo Theatre,
now in Veliko Tarnovos' natural theatre!

Lets hope they return sooner than we think and promote Veliko Tarnovo's unique open air theatre in the Yantra to other big international bands and artists!

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