Friday, 23 November 2012

Guardian of Traditions, award in Sofia seen in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

For the third consecutive year, the Association for the Development of Arts and Crafts –ARIZ 7 handed out its annual awards entitled “Guardian of Traditions”. This year there are five categories - Folklore, Crafts, Arts, Cuisine, Outstanding Individuals and Organizations.
2019 Veliko Turnovo capital of culture Bulgaria
Both Voyager 1 and 2 carry copies of the "Voyager Golden Record,"
a sort of message in a bottle intended for potential alien civilizations.
The record includes prominent Bulgarian folk song
"Izlel e Delyo Haidutin," sung by Valya Balkanska, among others.

The ceremony took place on November 14th in Sofia. In the category Folklore, most votes were given for the great Bulgarian singer Valya Balkanska. (Years ago, her song "Izlel e Delyu Haidutin" was sent into space aboard the NASA'S Voyager 1 and 2). Valya Balkanska will now be preparing to enter interstellar space shortly as Voyager 1 is 18 billion km away and travelling at 13km's per second! Click here to listen.

 “I am happy such organizations and events exist”, Valya Balkanska told Radio Bulgaria immediately after the award ceremony. “ I do not think I did much, but I am extremely proud that a Bulgarian song has mastered "the earth and the sky." We have everything we need - beautiful nature, fascinating songs, talented and skillful people. If everyone of us gave their skills to even a very small group of young people, we will not lose our traditions. I wept with joy tonight when I saw the performance of the Philip Koutev ensemble – it is all about beauty, youth, and history. We have trodden the path. A tree without roots falls, as one of the winners, painter Keazim Isinov, said. I would add - the hearth without fire loses its heat, which brings the family together. Let's keep this fire burning. I'm happy for the award, but I am even happier that here I see people who care about our traditions. One of my teachers once told me: "Even the little good that a person does, pays off."
Capital of Culture Bulgaria 2019 Veliko Turnovo
Valya Balkanska playing at the cultural city of Veliko Tarnovo
After having the pleasure of seeing and listening to Valya Balkanska and 100 Rhodopi pipers here in Veliko Tarnovo (Region Veliko Turnovo - Candidate of European Capital of Culture 2019) I can appreciate her words spoken in this interview and look forward to listening this truly magical music again and again over the coming years. Who knows, lets hope that Valya Balkanska will be singing with the pipes here in Veliko Turnovo, and see the demand for Veliko Tarnovo real estate rocket when the region becomes the cultural capital of Europe, and deservedly so!

Source Radio Bulgaria

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