Friday, 16 November 2012

Britain has slipped beneath Bulgaria

Oh all ye of little faith in Bulgaria, get what Jack Dromey thinks of Bulgaria since "Britain has slipped beneath Bulgaria"!

"Britain has also lost its status as a ‘nation of home owners’, falling to 11th from bottom in the EU for home owning levels – below Romania, Bulgaria and Ireland.

Britain slips below Bulgaria, Labour claim
So many properties in the UK are beyond the ability of 1st time buyers to raise a mortgage!
These in Liverpool, will soon be renovated and let out.

Labour’s housing spokesman Jack Dromey told a local paper ‘For 5million of our citizens, the dream of home ownership is dying as Britain slips beneath Bulgaria."
Bulgaria, Britain slips below
Is Britain slipping beneath the depths whilst Bulgaria remains buoyant?

Maybe the Minister of Housing in Bulgaria (or equivalent) should invite the Shadow Minister to visit Bulgaria before he slips to deep below to dig himself out!! In the mean time I will enjoy my House in Bulgaria here in Veliko Tarnovo, the best place for Bulgarian Real Estate.

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