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Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, Culture, Stage of the Ages, Tsarevets Summer Festival 2012

Keep these dates firmly embedded in your mind and diary 27th July until 5th August 2012.

The stars of Sofia Opera and Ballet spend 10 days performing in Veliko Tarnovo. The unforgettable night-time performances take place on an outdoor stage on Tsarevets Hill, with an exciting line-up of talent, amazing lighting and a unique atmosphere next to the River Yantra.

Opera Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo tsaravets Fortress
Turandot Opera comes to Veliko Tarnovo
Turandot - July 27, 28, 29   Composer Giacomo Puccini in 3 Acts, location Peking, Ancient China.
Act 1
In a crowded quarter nestled near the Forbidden City, a man pronounces an edict, saying that any prince wanting to marry Princess Turandot will first need to answer three riddles. If he answers all three correctly, he will marry Turandot. If he fails, he will die.
Act 2
opera veliko tarnovo Bulgaria
         Not sure whether the stage will quite reflect this scene as
seen at the English National Opera The Coliseum,
London, 11 October 2009
Wishing to be free of Princess Turandot's bloody reign, Ping, Pang, and Pong are in their quarters before sunrise reminiscing and telling stories of their past lives. They also share stories of Princess Turandot's previous (and unfortunate) suitors. Prince Calaf, appears and answers Princess Turandot's 3 questions correctly! Prince Calaf, in order to appease her, gives her a riddle of his own. If she answers correctly, he dies. If she answers incorrectly, she has to marry him. She accepts the new deal. The riddle he asks: "What is his name?" She has until dawn......
Act 3
Sofia Opera in Veliko Tarnovo
Turandot in person!
That evening, within the palace garden, Calaf hears the decree that no one in Peking will sleep until Turandot learns the name of her suitor. If she does not learn his name, everyone in the city will be killed. Calaf sings the famous aria, Nessun Dorma (Nobody shall sleep).....................The only people that remain is Calaf and Turandot. He calls her the Princess of Death, yet forcefully kisses her. Turandot begins to weep, for that was the first time she has ever been kissed. Calaf then tells her his true name......Love!

Rigoletto the jester!
Rigoletto - August 3 and 4, at a ball at the ducal court of Mantua, the hunchbacked jester Rigoletto mocks the courtiers cuckolded by the profligate Duke, stirring them to plans of vengeance. This opera is in 3 Acts and written by Giuseppe Verdi

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