Monday, 16 July 2012

Bulgaria and the weather, the Brits love it!

I have recently read and heard so many British living in Bulgaria complaining about the weather here in Bulgaria and in my home town Veliko Tarnovo!

weather in Bulgaria
Red hot Bulgaria!!
I have even recently read in a respected publication called Quest Bulgaria "After nearly freezing to death during one of Bulgaria's worst winters, now it is the complete opposite.........the air conditioning is now being used frequently.....and Bulgarian friends of mine have often commented on the fact that Summers are extremely hot, and winters are tremendously cold. Bulgaria's scolding temperatures forces you to spend a fortune on electric bills through the heavy use of air conditioning. Therefore, no money is saved through the summer in Bulgaria; summer cooling is as equally expensive as winter heating".

Belony, that's what I say, why do Bulgarians live outside in Summer kitchens, disappear in the hottest months to the mountains or coast and have windows open with insect nets, at night? Bulgarian Properties have thick walls at ground level for a reason.....they are cool!

Yes you got it! To stay cool in the extremely hot Summers! You don't have to spend a fortune on electric in Summer, just live like the locals and you'll be fine! A traditional Bulgarian House has been built to cope with very hot Summers and very cold Winters!

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