Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Outsourcing, as a term, is often interpreted as a shed with 100's of people crammed in it, not particularly glamorous? The term “contact centre” may be connected with thoughts of an irritative agent making an unsolicited telephone call in the evening – however its a becoming a very big revenue stream for many emerging countries as most people would recognise, especially India as one of the more famous (or infamous) dependent upon who you ask!

 Some eastern European countries have now discovered outsourcing specialisms for themselves, thanks to their low overheads, a workforce of tech·ie graduates, location (often called nearshoring not offshoring), tax incentives to name a few. Invest Bulgaria Agency (IBA) claim that Business process outsourcing (BPO) has become something of a success story here in Bulgaria, where around 15,000 employees generate revenues of €200m.

BPO Bulgaria outsourcing and nearshoring
Gladwish has been in Bulgarian Customer care
and service for 10 years
60K International Contact Centres, are a large privately owned company with two large and high quality Contact Centres in Sofia. Jon Gladwish, CEO, says "we believe that the better the working environment is, the better the results of our people will be.
That is why we put a lot of effort into creating a call centre caring spirit and additional conveniences like our beautiful roof terraces, free bus & parking and on-site subsidized restaurants". Gladwish was originally at Btk (Bulgarian Telecommunications Company) as Director of their International Call Centre and asked Philip Clayton to search for properties to set up an independent contact center.

Clayton was also at Btk as Director of Real Estate and moved on as Development Director with 60K and is a partner at Yantra Homes in Bulgaria who specialise in Bulgarian real estate in North central Bulgaria.
Bulgaria as a destination for outsourcing and property purchase
Clayton has been managing Bulgarian property management,
 facilities management and Real Estate services for 9 years.

"Successive governments and the IBA have been keen to promote the sector, with tax breaks, training and infrastructure subsidies, and logistical support", says Elena Kozhuharova, the agency’s outsourcing and IT expert. Companies can also buy municipal Bulgarian properties at low prices. The agency has proposed further measures specifically intended to support outsourcing for the government’s forthcoming Investment Promotion Act, including employment incentives and tax write-offs on R&D expenditure which Sixty K took advantage of. Labour costs are significantly lower than in western Europe, and while they may be higher than those in some Asian countries, Bulgaria can draw on other competitive advantages, particularly the advantage of near neutral accents and expertise in the ever increasing web-chat environments.
Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria property
Yantra Homes specialise in beautiful
properties in North Central Bulgaria!

So Bulgaria and particularly Sixty K’s culture is simple, they focus on providing Legendary Customer Service. They do this through their people, and only recruit the best, they ensure that they have the right personal characteristics to “fit in” at 60K and with the cultures of their Clients. Yantra Homes ethos and view is "we all have choices in life, so when buying Bulgarian properties, it's not just a choice of what you buy and where but with whom you place your trust. Yantra Homes offer a premier service to all their clients which is tailored to the clients specific requirements.
River Yantra Homes in Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo
Yantra Homes is based in Veliko Tarnovo,

Customers can buy cheap properties in Bulgaria's beautiful North Central region, rich in history, culture and breathtaking scenery with the confidence that your property in Bulgaria purchase is being handled in a professional and forthright manner.

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