Thursday, 14 June 2012

Veliko Tarnovo, pagans and vampires

A skeleton has been unearthed showing clear evidence of a pagan ritual performed on corpses to prevent the dead turning into a vampires!
Mystical night in Veliko Tarnovo, where are the vampires?
The age hasn't yet been clearly identified but certainly it is many centuries old. The location was in an old monastery courtyard in the Bulgarian town of Veliko Tarnovo very close to the River Yantra and just below the old Tsaravetz Fortress.
Nikolay Ovcharov (Archaeologist) was quoted as saying "The skeleton was tied to the ground with four iron clamps, while burning ambers were placed on top of his grave,"  He added "This man is not a vampire but was subjected to this pagan superstition-driven ritual to prevent him from becoming one after his death." The man was in his 30's and his girlfriend was younger as you can see above ! Come to Veliko Turnovo and spend some chilling nights here!

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