Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The new sound and light show in Veliko Tarnovo

The warm and balmy evening sky of Veliko Turnovo, over the historic Yantra Gorge and Monument of The Asens, erupted into a cacophony of dazzling Lasers, strobe lights, powerful sweeping searchlights and sound and music last night.
A dazzling array of lasers and searchlights pierced the evening sky over Veliko Tarnovo
Photo by P Clayton not  to be re-produced without prior permission

Spotlights pick at the old revival Bulgarian houses
on the edge of The River Yantra
Photo by P Clayton not  to be
 re-produced without prior permission 
The testing of the show components pleased local Veliko Tarnovo residents and passers by who were lucky enough to be on the old historical Gurko Street, where typical old Bulgaria property built during and pre-revival period perch precariously on the steep slopes of the gorge.
This is just a warm up for the evening celebrations of Veliko tarnovo holiday on Thursday 22nd March.
Keep checking Phil in the Yantra's blog for updates and dazzling photos and also check the local Veliko Tarnovo Municipality tourist web page.

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