Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bulgaria Properties are a must have British Accessory to escape from a country where Britons are becoming less honest

Britons are becoming less honest and their trust in government and business leaders has fallen to a new low amid fears of an "integrity crisis".
UK's Integrity Crisis

Lying, having an affair, driving while drunk, having underage sex and buying stolen goods are all more acceptable than they were a decade ago.

Steal goods to order or for drug money!

But people are less tolerant of benefit fraud. Probably because it means that there would be less to go round!! But a few beers and then take a risk driving afterwards with the barmaid, followed by trying to get your leg over the barmaid in the back seat, behind your wife's back is perfectly OK!

The University of Essex, which has launched Britain's first Centre for the Study of Integrity, suggests that the "integrity problem" is likely to get worse, because young people are more tolerant of dishonest behaviour than the older generation. The centre will also look at issues arising from recent scandals such as hacking IT such as phones, internet etc.
MP's flipping homes and fiddling their expenses

Members of Parliament Ps' fiddling their expenses and the way banks have conducted themselves and the current crisis!

A separate "trust barometer", published by Edelman who are a Public relations company, shows that trust levels in MPs plummeted to only 4 per cent after the UK riots last year. UK residents also lost confidence in young people and the police force. A lowly 29 per cent believe the Government is on the right path and 38 per cent trust businesses such as banks etc.

The Essex University study found that in the year 2000, 70 per cent of people believed an affair behind your partners back could never be justified; today it is 50 per cent!

The number of people who thought picking up money found on the street isn't justified dropped from 40 per cent to 20 per cent.

The only misconduct of which people are less tolerant is fiddling benefit claims. The proportion condemning this past time has climbed from 78 per cent to 85 per cent, perhaps an indication that people are not dropping many 20 pound notes in the street anymore!

So come and try the old fashioned town of Veliko Turnavo in Bulgaria, there are no 20 pound notes being dropped in the streets here and if you did drop a note by accident it is likely to be a 2 or 5 lev note worth 80 pence or 2 pounds respectively, moral values are high despite what you may read in some tabloids in the UK. Families meet regularly, Grandparents, Parents and children all eat and drink together on a regular basis, children still spend holidays with grandparents in the country homes, no internet at their grandparents just good old fashioned fun and games!
Veliko Tarnovo

A property in Bulgaria costs less than you may think, a house in Bulgaria near beautiful Veliko Tarnovo can cost as little as 5,000 Euros including a plot of land as a garden, not a postage stamp sized garden and a stone barn! 25,000 Euros can buy you a renovated home in Bulgaria.


  1. Hiya
    Bit harsh Phil ! I'm all for maybe looking to buy in the area in a few years, but places like Veliko Tarnovo exsist back in the UK !! Please don't trash everything about the homeland, there is much beauty here too xx
    H x

  2. Hi Helen,
    yes there certainly is still much beauty in the UK and am proud of that countryside, however, I've only quoted the data that was accumulated with regards to the Integrity are a personal choice only, and yes Veliko Tarnovo does have its twin towns in the UK that fortunately havent been "trashed"...look forward to meeting up when you come over! xx